The trip to China is undoubtedly the best opportunity to bring back beautiful gifts to your loved ones.

You will find all kinds of gifts to please your friends and family, but also to please yourself. Chinese textile offers you a wide range of creations, both ready-to-wear and made-to-measure.

You can choose between embroidered silk stoles to make clothes to be worn on any occasion in France.

Bring back tunics, pants, jackets or shirts. You can choose from a wide range of materials, including cotton, wild silk and silk. Why not offer your friends china party wear?

They will make an excellent choice for original gifts. Outfits and kimonos are sure to be a hit.

Traditional costumes are also very popular and come in all flavors. Clothes make perfect gifts if you are looking for original ideas during your visit to Shanghai for example.


There is nothing more original as a souvenir than the ancient arts of the country. Calligraphy is rooted in Chinese tradition and reflects a thousand-year-old know-how.

It can be written or painted on various materials such as paper or satin. You also have a wide choice for the formats. Indeed, you will find on the market calligraphies on paintings to be hung or framed or even in the form of scrolls.

When the ancient arts of the Middle Kingdom are invited in the interior decoration of your friends, or your house, why not? Before you leave, consider bringing back souvenirs such as traditional papers, styli, brushes or colored inks.

You will make your friends want to try this traditional art practiced for thousands of years. You can also buy calligraphies with words of wisdom, to inspire good vibes in everyday life.

Lovers of oriental cultures will find happiness in gifts like paintings or kakemonos. Moreover, you will find a multitude of gifts with calligraphies or paintings like potteries or ceramics.


From Shanghai to Hong Kong or in any city, you will recognize a very specific tradition: tea. The culture of tea and the art of tea are an integral part of the identity of the Middle Kingdom.

You can therefore bring back tea sets or why not different kinds of tea. You will find a multitude of products dedicated to this drink of conviviality and respect.

Why not introduce the tea ceremony by bringing back accessories for the service or the ritual? You will greatly please your friends and family by offering them different types of tea.

You will find on the market black tea, green tea, brick tea, scented tea or even Oolong tea. If you have friends and family who prefer other beverages, you won’t run out of ideas.

China is full of multiple beverages that can be used for any occasion. Chinese rice spirits are very popular around the world, so don’t hesitate to give them as gifts as souvenirs.

Baijiu are world famous among alcohol drinkers. There are many brands to choose from, including Moutai, Fenjiu Liquor, Laobaigan, Luzhou Laojiao and Wuliangye.


Lanterns are good luck charms and will certainly please your friends, relatives and families Picture source 

There is no shortage of symbols of the Middle Kingdom. You have a large choice of gifts to bring back from your stay in Shanghai.

During your trip, you may have visited the Mausoleum of the Qin Emperor. If you want to give the same experience to your loved ones, give them the Xi’an Terracotta Army set.

These statuettes fit perfectly in a decoration with exotic, historical or ethnic features. Collectors will also appreciate having this superb series of statuettes witnessing a glorious past.

The fans of Asian history will be filled by discovering these symbols of a thousand-year-old civilization. We can easily imagine China through paper lanterns. These are great gift ideas.

They are very popular and omnipresent during official and traditional ceremonies. Lanterns are good luck charms and will certainly please your friends, relatives and families. You will have no problem finding them, because paper lanterns are sold everywhere.


If none of these ideas inspire you for a gift, you haven’t seen everything! In fact, this little guide presents a myriad of items that you can give as gifts when you return from your vacation in Asia.

Jewelry lovers will appreciate the bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Ethnic collections are also available in all kinds of stores. Many jewels are set with precious or semi-precious stones.

You will also find fancy creations that will seduce many. If your friends like representative gifts, why not buy them items referring to Mao Zedong?

This emblematic figure can be found on several supports in different forms: posters, bags with quotation, little red book, patriotic watch, etc.

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How to make your man fall in love ? 15 tips that help

15 tips to make your man fall in love

Sometimes the feelings you have for someone are not reciprocated. You are madly in love with your partner while he is, on his side, simply attached? How can you make your man fall in love? Follow our 15 tips.

Picture from

Make him want you

The old adage “Follow me and I will follow you” has not aged a bit. Because we often want what we don’t have, don’t make yourself too available to him in the first place. Like the knights of old, let him come to you and earn you. However, there is no question of playing the scornful or frightened princess – an attitude that would only drive him away – but rather of not giving him too much of your time and showing him that he is not the only one who is important in your life.

Be comfortable in social situations

It’s hard to admit, but when a man is struggling to make up his mind, the approval of others’ eyes can help him to bond. In social situations, be enthusiastic and comfortable. Act confident and cultivate your charisma. When he sees that others like you – in a friendly way – he’ll probably realize that you’re not just for him.

Don’t confuse sex with tenderness

If the stories of buttocks sometimes give place to many demonstrations of tenderness, it is very rare that they lead to deeper feelings. Of course, nothing is impossible, but if you feel that your partner is more interested in a sexual friendship than in a romantic relationship, run away before you get really attached…

Blaming him intelligently

It’s a common male cliché that women spend their time complaining about their partners. Don’t give your partner a pass, but don’t let it go to waste. Before you tell her you’re unhappy, ask yourself if the problem you’re concerned about is really a problem. If it is, don’t hesitate – it would be unfortunate if your man mistook you for the mop in the hallway. By prioritizing your expectations, you’ll complain less… but better.

Be a part of his daily life

To make an impression on the heart, you have to make an impression on the mind. Insinuate yourself into his daily life. Create rituals. A movie on Sunday, a naughty text message in the morning, discovering new restaurants, signing up for an activity together… it’s up to you to find what will create a special bond between your two souls.

Putting him at ease

Feelings are uncontrollable. But, sometimes, some human beings stop themselves from getting too attached, for fear of getting hurt. Men are one of them. If you sense that your partner is one of these, show him that you are a “good girl”. Tell him about your faithfulness in relationships – both romantic and friendly – and prove to him that you are strong enough not to listen to the first person who comes along and tells you off.

Have your own thing

Every relationship is an exchange. And for a man to fall in love, you can’t let yourself get caught up in his interests and nod your head at the slightest of his proposals. Let him discover your world. It doesn’t matter if it’s about country music or palace bars. What’s important? That they feel they are learning something from you and that your presence can only enrich their lives. This also requires a few particular signs: extravagant make-up, a funny habit of your own, an immoderate taste for the color red… anything that will define you in his mind as “the girl who…”.

Give him some space

When he’s in love, you’ll probably spend a lot of time together. But, until then, give him space. Forcing someone to see you regularly won’t make them feel more attached. It’s the opposite. Allow them to be away from you, to wonder why they haven’t heard from you, to reflect on your relationship. Out of sight, out of mind? Not necessarily.

Be enthusiastic

Without going overboard on the midget and hypocrisy, don’t be afraid to be enthusiastic. A man who realizes that he can participate in his partner’s happiness feels desirable. Flatter his ego without overdoing it and maybe your lad will suddenly want to spend all his time with you.

Surprise him

One of the main reasons for separations is weariness. On the other hand, surprise seduces and intrigues. Show yourself to be elusive, both in your behavior and your look – boyish on Monday, flower girl on Friday. Prove to him that you are as interested in decorating as you are in video games, that you know how to be wise on certain occasions and deeply delirious on others, take him to the green and then to the opera, reveal yourself as sensitive as you are strong. It’s not a question of dressing up – he’d fall in love with someone you’re not – just to make him feel that he hasn’t seen the last of you in a few evenings and that he won’t be bored with you.

Play the competition

Since you want to prove to him that you are a “good girl”, don’t play with fire by letting yourself be seduced in front of his eyes. But allow yourself to slip in that you’re having dinner with a friend, that you’re going to meet your confidant, that you’re celebrating the birthday of an old acquaintance – male, of course. In short, let him discover -almost- by himself that he is not the only male in your entourage. Isn’t the fear of losing the other one one of the grounds of love?

Do not try to change him

If small details can be changed, the deep character of an individual can be taken or left. If you have too much blame to put on him, 2 solutions: accept his nature or leave him. Overwhelming him with criticism will not make him change. Worse, this behavior is likely to make him run away. Faced with a hopelessly cold partner, don’t make the apology of the couple. This will not convince him to fall in love. Because these things cannot be controlled.

Fighting your fear of losing him

If you’re in love with a man who isn’t, you probably fear losing him at any moment. Wrong. Because your actions, your attitude, your way of accepting everything from him transpire this fear. And if your partner understands this, he will take advantage of it without mercy. Admit that a man who is constantly chasing you is distracting but not really attractive. The solution: keep in mind that a person can be perfectly happy in a relationship, without necessarily being in love with his partner. So stop believing that he or she might leave you at any moment. Stressing out is what will cause this heartbreak yourself.

Do not be impatient

If love at first sight exists, it is not common. Feelings are cultivated with patience and sometimes need several seasons to mature. Water your relationship with kindness and avoid any oppression. Not everything comes to those who wait, but the most persevering put more chances on their side.

Knowing how to give up

When you’ve tried everything, when time has passed, when you’ve tried to show your best side and when your feelings don’t change, you have to give up. Love is not an exact science. It is undoubtedly what makes its charm. If you feel that your man will not go beyond the simple bar of attachment, take your courage in both hands and leave the scene with your head high. Every human relationship is based on compatibility. You will probably find a partner who is more in tune with your character.


What should I never do in Paris?

What should I never do in Paris?

Don’t block the poles in the metro by leaning on them.

Don’t let any stranger approach you. You probably look like a tourist in Paris: no one comes up to you to ask directions. Don’t be afraid to look mean and intimidating if you smell a scam. This includes children.

Don’t be afraid of the French, and if you are, don’t let it show. No Frenchman will be rude to you if you are courteous and polite and respectful of boundaries. On the other hand, if you think they are being unreasonable, they won’t find it surprising if you put on a little weight. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground.

Don’t go to a restaurant that has a staff member at the door trying to lure you in. Do your homework and find the right websites with restaurant recommendations. It took me 7 years of crap in Paris to find the right ones.

Don’t go to rue de la Huchette.

Don’t shop at the Gap (I can’t believe that fashion lovers only go to Paris to shop at Zara and Gap).

Don’t go see the Mona Lisa. It’s not a pleasant experience in tourist season.

Don’t spend your time here waiting in line. I can’t think of anything in Paris that people wait in line for that couldn’t really be replaced by something better nearby. Go to Notre-Dame ? stroll by the Seine and the Ile Saint-Louis. Go to the Eiffel Tower? Go get the view of the Arc de Triomphe instead (spectacular).

Picture from

Don’t buy the metro tourist ticket. The best deal is to buy books of metro tickets: they cost a little over 1 euro each when you buy a book.

Don’t underestimate the complexity of the big metro stations. Try to avoid them: the signage is often frustrating.

Don “t underestimate Paris in general; to get the most out of it, you have to do your homework: research food blogs for your meals, figure out how to take the bus (I have friends who have been here for years and are still intimidated by the bus, but trust me, taking the bus is worth it. Take the bus).

Don “t think that fame/popularity = quality. Ladurée doesn’t make the best macaroons. Louis Vuitton does not make the best bags. A lot of things about Paris are only popular with tourists, and to me, they are not Paris.

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What do you need to know about taking a TGV train? (tips)


Travel in Europe: what will change in 2022

Never look people in the eye. It can irritate the person and induce strong reactions.

When you walk in Paris, try to “follow the flow”. Don’t walk too slowly, as this could block the people behind you.

Be careful when someone asks you if they can go with you to a metro or RER station. The person could pickpocket you as you pass. If you refuse, the person may be violent, so be on your guard.

Avoid looking like a tourist, this will avoid being a prey, in the metro or in the street, to pickpockets. Given the diversity of people in Paris, it is relatively easy to blend in with Parisians.

Some people like to be greeted in French, but you can speak English, I don’t care.

Don’t let yourself be impressed by the sometimes cold atmosphere, or by the often distant Parisians, they are lost in their thoughts, stress of work, etc… They will gladly help you and are approachable.

A minimum of respect towards history, culture and French, how many times have I seen foreigners urinating on monuments, throwing their bottles in the metro or parking lot exits, openly insulting the French thinking they are not understood etc.

To limit oneself to the ugly Eiffel Tower and other places too touristy and too often overrated…Rue mouffetard, palais du Luxembourg, Tour Montparnasse for the most beautiful panoramic of Paris, etc etc. Paris is full of beautiful and unusual places (catacombs), one week is not enough to discover the most beautiful.


Top 15 most popular Vietnamese dishes

Top 15 most popular Vietnamese dishes

If there is to be noted one of the big favorites of travelers to Vietnam, it is without doubt, the Vietnamese dishes. Renowned for its fresh and varied flavors and the refinement in its preparation, Vietnamese cuisine is appreciated by tourists and experts alike.

Whether it is the culinary tradition in the north, the center or the south of the country, many Vietnamese dishes make our international reputation as the pho soup, the bun bo Hue, the bun cha, the banh mi, the nem, the cao lau…Make your taste buds travel by picking our list of 15 dishes that make talk outside the country.

The pho soup

Photo Source

Ranked 20th in CNN’s 2017 list of 50 best dishes in the world, Vietnamese pho is once again being warmly praised by domestic and international foodies. Whether it is beef pho or chicken pho, two classic versions, this flavorful and fragrant soup takes a special place in the hearts of diners. Ranked among the 12 best dishes in the world by the Huffington Post magazine and featured in foreign media, pho is a worthy star of Vietnamese culinary heritage.

The spring roll

Along with pho, spring roll, also called summer roll, occupies a worthy place in the top 50 best dishes in the world, according to CNN.

The bun bo Hue

Another starred Vietnamese dish that convinced the famous chef Anthony Bourdian is the bun bo Hue. The iconic culinary delight from Vietnam’s central city is applauded on his show Parts Unknown as “the best soup in the world.” This colorful and spicy soup from Hue is known as one of the best dishes in Asia.

Bun cha or rice vermicelli with grilled pork

This mouth-watering dish was listed in the top 10 best street foods published in 2014 by National Geographic magazine. The year before, bun cha made it into CNN’s ranking of 25 most appetizing summer dishes in the world.

Already featured in a 2012 CNN broadcast as one of the best Asian dishes, the traditional Vietnamese soup made from rice crabs is honored along with two other Vietnamese dishes, snail and banh mi Hoi An, by Traveller magazine in its selection of 21 best dishes in the world in 2018.

The hu tieu or typical saigonese soup

That it is really interesting, succulent and it is the first time I taste this flavor, according to the great American culinary expert Gordon Ramsey to comment on the traditional Saigon soup. This impression led him to adopt this Vietnamese dish for one of the subjects of the Master Chef 2013 competition.

Cao lau, a typical noodle from Hoi An

“You can see the history of Hoi An spread out just with this bowl of noodles” is the comment of the British daily The Guardian on the gastronomic specialty of Hoi An. The symbol of the Quang Nam region which marries Chinese, Japanese and traditional flavors is to be tasted without moderation on a trip to Hoi An

The banh khot or rice puffs with shrimps

Sweet and crispy, this popular recipe from the Central and Southern regions is among the 35 most appetizing dishes in the world, according to experts and visitors at the 2013 Singapore Street Food Festival.

Covered banana in toasted sticky rice

This delicious Vietnamese snack that is not difficult to prepare is, along with shrimp rice puffs, among the most popular street food dishes at the 2013 Singapore Street Food Festival.

The nem (or cha gio in the south)

This dish that appeals to all palates gives you an unmissable taste experience in Vietnam. It is with the nem or egg roll that Vietnam was honored in 2015 by CNN as the most favorite country for gastronomy.

The square egg roll stuffed with crab

Originating in the port city of Haiphong, the square-shaped, crab-stuffed version of egg roll eaten on Hanoi’s Dao Duy Tu Street is so tasty that it was voted by CNN as Asia’s best street food.

Cha ca La Vong, vermicelli with grilled fish fillets

This typical Hanoi specialty is constantly featured in travel guides. The Cha ca La Vong restaurant in Hanoi is featured in the book “1000 Places to See Before You Die” by Patricia Schultz.

This century-old family canteen also has a place in the top 10 places to see before you die published by MSNBC.

The banh xeo or Vietnamese pancake

The traditional golden pancake stuffed with pork, shrimp and bean sprouts that you dip in a sweet and sour sauce to taste is mouth-watering. It was included in CNN’s top 40 Vietnamese dishes in 2013. This recipe was already one of the stars at a folklore fair held in 2007 in the United States.

Ca phe trung or egg coffee

In Buzzfeed’s top 17 coffees to try while traveling the world, this unusual beverage from Hanoi is at the top of the podium. Smooth and tasty, the Vietnamese-style cappuccino is the promise of an unforgettable break between two strolls in the old quarter of Hanoi.


How and where to rent a motorhome in Toulouse? (advice, addresses )

How and where to rent a motorhome in Toulouse? (advice, addresses )

The motorhome that we see more and more often on the roads of the vacations has made its appearance in number only around 1980. There are three main categories of motorhomes: the integral, the profile and the nasturtium. Each of them has at least one bed, a toilet with WC, a kitchen unit as well as a refrigerator, a table with a bench and a water tank.

Where to rent a motorhome in Toulouse

If you want to go on vacation in complete freedom, but still have a minimum of comfort, the motorhome is the solution. If you live in Toulouse, here are some addresses:

– Location camping-car ( is a company located in Toulouse that offers two ranges of campervans: comfort vehicles and luxury vehicles.

The rental rates vary from 340€ to 800€ depending on whether you rent the vehicle for a weekend or a week.

– Loisicars (, located in Pompertuzat, offers on its website three categories of motorhomes: vans for 2 people, profiles for 2 to 4 people and capucines for up to 6 people.

Prices vary according to the season and the type of vehicle rented. Count 700€ per week for a profile in low season while a nasturtium will cost you 1100€ in high season.

– Planète Hollydays ( offers first of all on its website to locate on a map the place of residence. Then you can choose the motorhome you want from the whole range available. This company has five ranges of vehicles: family, nasturtium, profile, coupe or van. For each of these ranges, it is possible to obtain all the technical characteristics of the motorhome. The price range starts at 49€ up to 198€ depending on the vehicle chosen and the season.

–, with many agencies, including one in Toulouse, offers 7 categories of motorhomes for rent. By clicking on the chosen model, you get a technical description, a detailed plan of its organization and a photograph. It is possible to rent for a day or a week from 610€ to 1450€ depending on the vehicle.

Rental conditions

All camping car rental companies offer a fixed number of kilometers according to the chosen formula and then a price per kilometer when the package is exceeded.

However, some companies offer unlimited mileage, which is more interesting and avoids spending your vacations counting the number of kilometers driven. It is important to compare the insurance conditions as well as the services such as gas, fuel, chemical liquid, etc. Also be aware of the prices of options. Have a great vacation!

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Vacations in Rome: tips, addresses, tourist attractions

Vacations in Rome: tips, addresses, tourist attractions

Rome is an Italian city, located in the central part of the country. Since 1871, it is the Italian capital. With its 2,722,900 inhabitants, the city of Rome is the largest municipality in Italy, but it remains less important than Naples or Milan. Known for its Baroque and Renaissance style, Rome is the third most visited European city, just behind London and Paris.

Practical information


When you go out in the evening or even at lunchtime, know that the choice to leave a tip is totally up to you.

This means that you are not obliged to leave a tip and if you do not leave anything, it will not be frowned upon. However, if you see your bill increased, know that it is the bottle of mineral water that was charged to you.


Visits to churches are free. In the museums, the entrance fees vary between 8 and 15€ per person. And if you have trouble choosing the right attractions, don’t hesitate to go to one of the information points, well distributed in the city center.

Indeed, they replace the tourist office, but you can find city maps, passes and advice. These points are open every day from 9:30 am to 7 pm. At the Visitor Centre, you can see exhibitions of models of the imperial forums.

Italian cuisine

The presentation Italian cuisine is very influenced by the rural environment, but also by the Jewish culture. It is known all over the world as being quite simple, but at the same time tasty, healthy and above all nutritious.

The most popular dishes are pasta, of course, but also meat, especially white meat. Fish is also appreciated.

However, it is a product that is still very expensive. The most popular dishes are vegetable-based dishes. In the list, you will find the artichokes à la romaine.

The tradition in Rome says that on Thursdays you have to eat gnocchi. Friday is the place for fish, and more precisely, cod.

Finally, Saturday is the day of tripe. To accompany their meal, Italians prefer white or red wine. Thus, wine bars are places that you can see everywhere.

What to see

Rome is an ancient city, with churches and fountains that reveal its history.

The churches

If you are passionate about churches, the complete list of churches in Rome will guide you in your visit. Start by visiting St. Peter’s Basilica, then continue your day by visiting the Vatican Museums. Here you can see the Sistine Chapel, the Chamber of Raphael, but also the Pinacoteca. Other churches not to be missed are the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, St. Peter’s, Trinity of the Mounts.

The gardens

Discover the magnificent gardens of Villa Medici. As for the fountains, you have about fifteen of them. Among the most famous and most visited are the Piazza Venezia, the Fountain of the Bees and the Trevi Fountain.



The city of Rome offers several accommodation options. Here you will find a variety of hotels. For those on a budget, you can choose between dormitories, youth hostels, religious institutions or smaller hotels. Camping can be another solution.


During the summer it is quite difficult to find accommodation, so camping can be a good plan for your trip or weekend in Rome. A special edition is dedicated to camping. It is available in Italian bookstores. You will find all the campsites in Rome. Prices vary between 20 and 30€ for 2 people (prices in June 2011). There is a special rate for children. Youth hostels are everywhere in Rome. If you have not booked online, do not forget the AJ card, available in France.

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Tourism in Aquitaine: good plans (advice, travel)

What do you need to know about taking a TGV train? (tips)


Travel in Europe: what will change in 2022


Tourism in Aquitaine: good plans (advice, travel)

Tourism in Aquitaine: good plans (advice, travel)

Aquitaine, nestled between the mountains and the sea, is full of tourist gems. From the delights of the table in Bordeaux, to the wild nature of the Arcachon basin and the authenticity of the Basque coast, you will always find what you need in Aquitaine.

Bordeaux and the Wine Route

“Bordeaux is classic, bourgeois, and cushy”, only clichés! Bordeaux has changed a lot in the last few years. The quays have been redone and have become a beautiful promenade, nothing to do with the Parisian quays on Sunday, for pedestrians, cyclists, rollerbladers? It is a real lung, in the heart of the largest city in Aquitaine. The city council has obliged the owners to renovate the facades, which has enhanced the exceptional heritage of the city (classified as a UNESCO world heritage site a few years ago).

Bordeaux is beautiful, but it is also greedy! Eat Baillardran cannelés, have lunch at La Tupina. It’s a treat, quite simply, all accompanied by a good glass of Bordeaux. As for the wine, you have the embarrassment of choice, Médoc, Pauillac, Saint-Estèphe, Margaux, all of which are more famous than the others, and which can only make you want to go there. Visit absolutely, the village of Saint-Emilion, and taste, with moderation!

The basin of Arcachon

Formerly called “the small sea” (150km² of water at high tide), it is the favorite destination of the Bordeaux inhabitants. It is an exceptional place, which you should not miss, when you visit Aquitaine. On the sea side, the Union des Bateliers arcachonnais offers more than pleasant excursions.

On the land side, there are two unobstructed views of the basin. On one side, the Pyla dune, which is the highest sand dune in Europe and stretches for nearly 3 km, offers a double view of the basin and the Landes forest.

On the other hand, the Cap Ferret lighthouse (258 steps of happiness), which gives an impression of the end of the world, between the basin and the Atlantic Ocean. For your accommodation, you are spoilt for choice: there are gites, villas with swimming pools or simply camping (in the 33). But a piece of advice, book early, you won’t be the only ones to go there!

The Basque coast

Known and recognized, the Basque coast will not leave you indifferent. It stretches from Anglet to Muskiz, near Bilbao (in Spain). As soon as you arrive in this land, you will feel the Basque identity through its gastronomy and culture.

It is also displayed in the windows and store windows, hence the undeniable success of the “64” brand. Discover or rediscover the mythical places of this coast, such as Biarritz or Saint-Jean-de-Luz, and let your desire guide you inland, to discover new places, new sensations. Enjoy your stay in Aquitaine!

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What do you need to know about taking a TGV train? (tips)

What do you need to know about taking a TGV train in France? (tips)

Taking the TGV is not like taking a TER or a commuter train. On the one hand, the reservation process is different. On the other hand, in the station, taking a TGV will require more attention and speed. Finally, the TGV offers punctuality guarantees, unlike the TER.


Reservation is mandatory to take a TGV. Reservations can be made at the station, by telephone on 3635, on the Internet at, or in an approved travel agency. The ticket is only valid for the train you have reserved, not the one before or after, unless you choose a more expensive pro ticket. The Price You should know that you pay, in any case, 5 euros of reservation fees. When you pay for your tickets, these reservation fees are included in the price. There are 2 classes available to you: 2nd class, the cheapest, and 1st class, the most expensive. The “cheap travel” websites usually offer you the 2nd class by default.

Arrival at the station

Be careful! Some train stations in France are saturated at all hours of the day! Those who frequent the Lyon Part Dieu station know the traffic problems in the hall. Do not arrive just before the departure of your train. Preferable times To make it easier for you to get on the train, prefer to travel early in the morning. Passengers are calmer and staff are more available. If necessary, plan a hotel close to the station. Avoid at all costs Fridays or Sunday evenings, especially when leaving on vacation. If you are traveling to Paris by train from the provinces, choose mid-morning, which is often quiet.

Your installation

Locating your train Like any other train, your TGV will have a track assigned to it. For high-speed trains, the tracks are often posted at the last minute to deliberately create a rush and prevent luggage thieves from sneaking into the trains before departure. Settling in A sign will show you the placement of the cars in relation to the platform markers. Ask for help if necessary. If you arrive at your seat and someone is already there, check your seat number. Always call a controller to resolve the dispute.

Your journey

A bar car is available for refreshments and food. The products are expensive, so take precautions before boarding the train and limit yourself to a coffee. In case of a long delay, envelopes are distributed. Do not throw them away, they are not an apology letter! It is the first step to obtain a refund of your ticket.

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Travel in Europe: what will change in 2022

Travel in Europe: what will change in 2022

Europe is one of the most popular destinations in the world and attracts millions of visitors every year. In order to strengthen security within its borders, the European Union has announced the introduction of a new electronic visa exemption (ETIAS) in 2022.

From that date on, travelers from visa-exempt countries will need to obtain ETIAS to travel to Europe. Find out all the useful information to prepare your trip to France and the rest of Europe as of next year.

ETIAS: a new requirement for entering Europe

Europe is one of the most popular destinations in the world and attracts millions of visitors every year. In order to strengthen security within its borders, the European Union has announced the introduction of a new electronic visa exemption (ETIAS) in 2022.

From that date on, travelers from visa-exempt countries will need to obtain ETIAS to travel to Europe. Find out all the useful information to prepare your trip to France and the rest of Europe as of next year.

Currently, citizens of more than 60 countries can enter the Schengen area without a visa for a short stay. If you come from one of these countries, you will also have to register with the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) by the end of 2022.

ETIAS is not a visa. It is an electronic visa waiver, similar to ESTA for the United States, intended to improve traveler screening and make Europe more secure. Visa-exempt citizens will therefore retain their current privileges.

The procedure will be extremely simple and fast and you will be able to complete it in just a few minutes without leaving your home.

Visitors will be able to apply for the ETIAS online

So how does it work? Once the system is up and running, all you need to do is access a simple online form to apply for ETIAS travel authorization. You will not need to go to the embassy or consulate of the country you are interested in.

To complete the form, you will need to provide some general information such as your full name, contact information and passport details. Before sending it to the authorities for processing, you will also have to pay a small fee using a credit card.

Most applications will be processed in just a few minutes and you’ll receive your travel authorization via email in no time. You won’t need to print it or do anything else. That’s it!

Documents required to travel to Europe in 2022

If you are traveling to Europe from a visa-exempt country, such as Canada, for example, there will be minimal changes. The only difference from 2022 onwards is that you will need to apply for ETIAS before you leave.

To obtain your travel authorization, all you will need is a biometric passport (which includes an electronic chip) issued by an eligible country, an email address and a bank card. Nothing more, nothing less.

However, if you cannot obtain the ETIAS, due to your nationality, the length of your stay in Europe or the reason for your trip, you will have to apply for a Schengen visa in person at the French embassy or the embassy of the country of your choice.

Non-eligible citizens will need to obtain a Schengen visa

You need a Schengen visa if you are not a national of an eligible country, if you plan to spend more than 3 months in Europe or if you wish to live, study or work in the old continent.

As far as the Schengen visa is concerned, nothing will change in 2022. The procedure remains the same, as the changes only apply to visa-exempt travelers to Europe.

The procedure is more complex to obtain a Schengen visa and you will have to present several additional supporting documents. For more peace of mind, do not hesitate to ask the embassy about the procedure to follow.

COVID-19: travel restrictions in Europe

In 2021, it is no longer possible to talk about travel without mentioning the restrictions related to the coronavirus. Fortunately, measures are gradually being relaxed in European countries and borders are once again open to many international tourists.

The European Union regularly updates a “green list” of countries considered safe for travel. Citizens of the following safe countries are allowed to enter Europe for non-essential purposes such as tourism:

Saudi Arabia
Bosnia and Herzegovina
China, subject to reciprocity
South Korea
United States
Northern Macedonia

New Zealand

However, you will need to meet the sanitary requirements in place such as a negative PCR or antigen test or quarantine upon arrival. These requirements vary from one European country to another.

For example, if you are vaccinated, you can enter France without restrictions from a safe country. Otherwise, you must present a PCR or antigenic test performed less than 72 hours before departure or a certificate of recovery.

Therefore, remember to get all the information you need before your trip, whether you leave this year or next year, to avoid minor inconveniences and visit Europe without any problems.

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5 must-sees in Macau

5 must-sees in Macau

Bem-vindo in the Asian Las Vegas! At the crossroads of cultures, Macau is a city with two faces. Marked by 400 years of Portuguese occupation, its historical center looks like Lisbon at the end of the world. The last European colony in Asia, handed back in 1999, is nevertheless typically Chinese. The city harmoniously combines traditional temples and modern glass towers dedicated to the pleasures of gambling. Follow the guide and discover five must-see places to visit in Macau.

Senado Square

The former Senate Square is the perfect starting point to discover one of the best preserved historical centers in China. This vast pedestrian heart with its mosaic-paved floor is full of architectural jewels inherited from the former Portuguese settlers. The best way to enjoy the atmosphere of the district is to stroll around and discover the baroque facade of the São Domingo church, or the stalls of an egg tart seller.

To enjoy a panoramic view of the colorful buildings surrounding the Largo do Senado square, head for the historic Leal Senado building. The former seat of government is open to visitors free of charge and has a lovely garden lined with azulejos.

The ruins of Saint Paul

Of the first church of Macau, only ruins remain. However, a visit to Macau is incomplete without contemplating the remains of St. Paul. The construction of the church of the Mother of God dates from the beginning of the 17th century. The Jesuits added a university to it, before the whole was ravaged by fire in 1835. Since then, only the façade still stands at the top of a long flight of stairs.

If the largest Catholic church in the East disappeared in the flames, it continues to attract tourists from around the world. The ruins of St. Paul’s are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is the historic center of Macau. These remains have become the emblem of the city, and probably its most photogenic tourist attraction. For a magical experience, be sure to go there after dark.

Macau Fort

Perched on top of a hill, the Monte Fort is an ancient fortress built in the 17th century. This strategic defense post was used to counter the repeated assaults of the Dutch, before being converted into a military zone. The fort now houses the Macau Museum, dedicated to the history and cultural heritage of the city.

It is also a pleasant place to walk around, dotted with ancient cannons. Above all, the fortress offers a breathtaking view of the city. Behind its high walls, you can contemplate a landscape that looks like a cyberpunk setting. On the horizon, futuristic skyscrapers overlook traditional houses at the crossroads of East and West.

The Las Vegas of the East

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual gambler, a trip to the casino is a must in Macau. While gambling is banned in China, the Las Vegas of the East is the exception that proves the rule.

Macau has about 30 casinos, generating revenues nearly four times higher than its American equivalent. Its gambling houses stand out for their extravagant architecture, such as the gleaming Casino Lisboa.

Other casinos are exact replicas of iconic American gambling houses, such as the Venetian Macau. With its 39 floors, the establishment claims to be the largest casino in the world.

However, the rise of online casinos and their ever-changing offerings is not to be taken lightly. The world’s largest gambling empire is now on the internet.

Don’t have enough time to visit Macanese casinos? Don’t worry, the best slot machines are online. Thousands of free games are waiting for you to play everywhere from your mobile

The temple of A-Ma

After the roulette, let’s go to the A-Ma temple, the oldest temple in the city, for some spirituality. It is located in the south of the peninsula, a few steps from the port.

The site is dedicated to the sea goddess A-Ma, to whom the city owes its name. The Portuguese took the name of Macau from the bay named A Ma Gok when they landed there.

The numerous pavilions of the temple illustrate the diversity of Macanese beliefs, operating a successful syncretism between Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist traditions. The shrine is particularly popular during the festivities of the birth of A-Ma, celebrated in April.

Macau is a surprising mix between Chinese atmosphere and Portuguese heritage. By road or by sea, it is the perfect excursion from Hong Kong. Macau can also be worth an extended discovery, in order to alternate tourist visits and casino tours. As an alternative to your stay, enjoy a taste of Macau’s casinos with the best free online slot machines.