How and where to rent a motorhome in Toulouse? (advice, addresses )

How and where to rent a motorhome in Toulouse? (advice, addresses )

The motorhome that we see more and more often on the roads of the vacations has made its appearance in number only around 1980. There are three main categories of motorhomes: the integral, the profile and the nasturtium. Each of them has at least one bed, a toilet with WC, a kitchen unit as well as a refrigerator, a table with a bench and a water tank.

Where to rent a motorhome in Toulouse

If you want to go on vacation in complete freedom, but still have a minimum of comfort, the motorhome is the solution. If you live in Toulouse, here are some addresses:

– Location camping-car ( is a company located in Toulouse that offers two ranges of campervans: comfort vehicles and luxury vehicles.

The rental rates vary from 340€ to 800€ depending on whether you rent the vehicle for a weekend or a week.

– Loisicars (, located in Pompertuzat, offers on its website three categories of motorhomes: vans for 2 people, profiles for 2 to 4 people and capucines for up to 6 people.

Prices vary according to the season and the type of vehicle rented. Count 700€ per week for a profile in low season while a nasturtium will cost you 1100€ in high season.

– Planète Hollydays ( offers first of all on its website to locate on a map the place of residence. Then you can choose the motorhome you want from the whole range available. This company has five ranges of vehicles: family, nasturtium, profile, coupe or van. For each of these ranges, it is possible to obtain all the technical characteristics of the motorhome. The price range starts at 49€ up to 198€ depending on the vehicle chosen and the season.

–, with many agencies, including one in Toulouse, offers 7 categories of motorhomes for rent. By clicking on the chosen model, you get a technical description, a detailed plan of its organization and a photograph. It is possible to rent for a day or a week from 610€ to 1450€ depending on the vehicle.

Rental conditions

All camping car rental companies offer a fixed number of kilometers according to the chosen formula and then a price per kilometer when the package is exceeded.

However, some companies offer unlimited mileage, which is more interesting and avoids spending your vacations counting the number of kilometers driven. It is important to compare the insurance conditions as well as the services such as gas, fuel, chemical liquid, etc. Also be aware of the prices of options. Have a great vacation!

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