How to make your man fall in love ? 15 tips that help

15 tips to make your man fall in love

Sometimes the feelings you have for someone are not reciprocated. You are madly in love with your partner while he is, on his side, simply attached? How can you make your man fall in love? Follow our 15 tips.

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Make him want you

The old adage “Follow me and I will follow you” has not aged a bit. Because we often want what we don’t have, don’t make yourself too available to him in the first place. Like the knights of old, let him come to you and earn you. However, there is no question of playing the scornful or frightened princess – an attitude that would only drive him away – but rather of not giving him too much of your time and showing him that he is not the only one who is important in your life.

Be comfortable in social situations

It’s hard to admit, but when a man is struggling to make up his mind, the approval of others’ eyes can help him to bond. In social situations, be enthusiastic and comfortable. Act confident and cultivate your charisma. When he sees that others like you – in a friendly way – he’ll probably realize that you’re not just for him.

Don’t confuse sex with tenderness

If the stories of buttocks sometimes give place to many demonstrations of tenderness, it is very rare that they lead to deeper feelings. Of course, nothing is impossible, but if you feel that your partner is more interested in a sexual friendship than in a romantic relationship, run away before you get really attached…

Blaming him intelligently

It’s a common male cliché that women spend their time complaining about their partners. Don’t give your partner a pass, but don’t let it go to waste. Before you tell her you’re unhappy, ask yourself if the problem you’re concerned about is really a problem. If it is, don’t hesitate – it would be unfortunate if your man mistook you for the mop in the hallway. By prioritizing your expectations, you’ll complain less… but better.

Be a part of his daily life

To make an impression on the heart, you have to make an impression on the mind. Insinuate yourself into his daily life. Create rituals. A movie on Sunday, a naughty text message in the morning, discovering new restaurants, signing up for an activity together… it’s up to you to find what will create a special bond between your two souls.

Putting him at ease

Feelings are uncontrollable. But, sometimes, some human beings stop themselves from getting too attached, for fear of getting hurt. Men are one of them. If you sense that your partner is one of these, show him that you are a “good girl”. Tell him about your faithfulness in relationships – both romantic and friendly – and prove to him that you are strong enough not to listen to the first person who comes along and tells you off.

Have your own thing

Every relationship is an exchange. And for a man to fall in love, you can’t let yourself get caught up in his interests and nod your head at the slightest of his proposals. Let him discover your world. It doesn’t matter if it’s about country music or palace bars. What’s important? That they feel they are learning something from you and that your presence can only enrich their lives. This also requires a few particular signs: extravagant make-up, a funny habit of your own, an immoderate taste for the color red… anything that will define you in his mind as “the girl who…”.

Give him some space

When he’s in love, you’ll probably spend a lot of time together. But, until then, give him space. Forcing someone to see you regularly won’t make them feel more attached. It’s the opposite. Allow them to be away from you, to wonder why they haven’t heard from you, to reflect on your relationship. Out of sight, out of mind? Not necessarily.

Be enthusiastic

Without going overboard on the midget and hypocrisy, don’t be afraid to be enthusiastic. A man who realizes that he can participate in his partner’s happiness feels desirable. Flatter his ego without overdoing it and maybe your lad will suddenly want to spend all his time with you.

Surprise him

One of the main reasons for separations is weariness. On the other hand, surprise seduces and intrigues. Show yourself to be elusive, both in your behavior and your look – boyish on Monday, flower girl on Friday. Prove to him that you are as interested in decorating as you are in video games, that you know how to be wise on certain occasions and deeply delirious on others, take him to the green and then to the opera, reveal yourself as sensitive as you are strong. It’s not a question of dressing up – he’d fall in love with someone you’re not – just to make him feel that he hasn’t seen the last of you in a few evenings and that he won’t be bored with you.

Play the competition

Since you want to prove to him that you are a “good girl”, don’t play with fire by letting yourself be seduced in front of his eyes. But allow yourself to slip in that you’re having dinner with a friend, that you’re going to meet your confidant, that you’re celebrating the birthday of an old acquaintance – male, of course. In short, let him discover -almost- by himself that he is not the only male in your entourage. Isn’t the fear of losing the other one one of the grounds of love?

Do not try to change him

If small details can be changed, the deep character of an individual can be taken or left. If you have too much blame to put on him, 2 solutions: accept his nature or leave him. Overwhelming him with criticism will not make him change. Worse, this behavior is likely to make him run away. Faced with a hopelessly cold partner, don’t make the apology of the couple. This will not convince him to fall in love. Because these things cannot be controlled.

Fighting your fear of losing him

If you’re in love with a man who isn’t, you probably fear losing him at any moment. Wrong. Because your actions, your attitude, your way of accepting everything from him transpire this fear. And if your partner understands this, he will take advantage of it without mercy. Admit that a man who is constantly chasing you is distracting but not really attractive. The solution: keep in mind that a person can be perfectly happy in a relationship, without necessarily being in love with his partner. So stop believing that he or she might leave you at any moment. Stressing out is what will cause this heartbreak yourself.

Do not be impatient

If love at first sight exists, it is not common. Feelings are cultivated with patience and sometimes need several seasons to mature. Water your relationship with kindness and avoid any oppression. Not everything comes to those who wait, but the most persevering put more chances on their side.

Knowing how to give up

When you’ve tried everything, when time has passed, when you’ve tried to show your best side and when your feelings don’t change, you have to give up. Love is not an exact science. It is undoubtedly what makes its charm. If you feel that your man will not go beyond the simple bar of attachment, take your courage in both hands and leave the scene with your head high. Every human relationship is based on compatibility. You will probably find a partner who is more in tune with your character.