Boy, did we have a good time in Seattle, and we used 4 coupons in the book for a savings of: $99 at Poulsbo Inn in Poulsbo (the absolute best breakfast we have ever had-they even used china and not those crummy paper plates and bowls or, even worse, styrofoam cups- ick). Fresh fruit, waffles, biscuits and gravy with flaky biscuits; terrific scones with cranberries and bakery products (some probably from the Poulsbo Bakery), good variety of coffee and tea, cereals, juices. Nice fireplace in the breakfast room, with a fire going. Staff was on hand, asking how you were, where you were from; made us feel very at home.

The room was spotless, large, and we even had a view of the mountains. We were on the second floor, and they had a ramp up (no elevator) so we did not have to climb stairs dragging our overfull carryon suitcases, but we still felt like we were getting some “exercise.” The staff at the front desk was friendly and alert (imagine that!) and we got 2 fresh baked cookies when we arrived- and of course the coffee and tea were always available. Mind you, this was November, we were late checking in, and there were only about 10 rooms occupied. And the town is great–good shops, a nice non-commercial boardwalk along Liberty Bay, free on-street parking. And the Poulsbo Bakery is terrific–great bread and goodies.

Forget what we saved on the Pacific Science Center (I left the book with my son), but that was great!

$99 at LaQuinta downtown. They were very accommodating with the coupon: let us have Thursday free, and then we got their weekend special (Friday, Saturday,and Sunday) at $79 a night. Huge room. Sink in the toilet/shower room and one outside the door, which was good even with just the two of us. Only 12 rooms on a floor so easy navigation. And FREE PARKING! Room was clean and well attended while we were there (4 nights).

Breakfast was okay. The hotel seemed to be pretty full one morning (Thanksgiving weekend, and a big UW and WSU football game).

My impression of the Seattle Toursaver? Even for our short stay, it was well worth it. Eric and I usually like to stay a little off the beaten track, and we would have never found Poulsbo or Poulsbo Inn- it just looks too close to Seattle to be what we would like. As a summer coupon book, I think it is well worth the purchase. Plus it helps with trip planning.

–Geri Denkewalter

I only used the Tillicum Village and the La Quinta Inn coupons. I paid $79.00 for the book and saved $248 with these two coupons.

–D Karmenta


Great Alaskan TourSaver

“I don’t think I ever told you how much we appreciated having the TourSaver coupons.
We were able to stay in some very nice hotels two nights for the price of one, visit
the Eldorado Gold Mine and many other things that saved us money. Thank you for making these possible.

We may never have the opportunity to visit Alaska again, but you can be
sure if we do and the TourSavers are still available, we will buy them again.”

Thank you
–Joe and Aleasa H.

“We love the TourSaver program. Our lodge is north of the Arctic Circle and it’s expensive to get here from Fairbanks. But when people figure out the money they’re saving from the TourSaver coupon, they always book something additional: flightseeing, fishing, wilderness trips and so forth. That’s why we’re signing up again!”

–Lynda Krause, Bettles Lodge, Bettles, Alaska (Vendor)

“I hope you don’t mind an unsolicited email letting you know how happily
surprised I was by your Tour Saver book. Like many people, I am sure, I am
reluctant to trust internet deals that seem to be to good to be true. That
was certainly true when I first found your website. In the end, I decided
$99.95 was not too much to risk and I purchased the book.

THAT WAS A GOOD DECISION! The book was everything promised and then some.
On my family’s two-week vacation in Alaska we saved almost $1,500.00 on
hotels and tours — and we used very few of the discounts from the book
because there just wasn’t enough time to use more. In short, you promised
and you delivered.”

Best regards,
—Ken W.