Top 15 most popular Vietnamese dishes

Top 15 most popular Vietnamese dishes

If there is to be noted one of the big favorites of travelers to Vietnam, it is without doubt, the Vietnamese dishes. Renowned for its fresh and varied flavors and the refinement in its preparation, Vietnamese cuisine is appreciated by tourists and experts alike.

Whether it is the culinary tradition in the north, the center or the south of the country, many Vietnamese dishes make our international reputation as the pho soup, the bun bo Hue, the bun cha, the banh mi, the nem, the cao lau…Make your taste buds travel by picking our list of 15 dishes that make talk outside the country.

The pho soup

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Ranked 20th in CNN’s 2017 list of 50 best dishes in the world, Vietnamese pho is once again being warmly praised by domestic and international foodies. Whether it is beef pho or chicken pho, two classic versions, this flavorful and fragrant soup takes a special place in the hearts of diners. Ranked among the 12 best dishes in the world by the Huffington Post magazine and featured in foreign media, pho is a worthy star of Vietnamese culinary heritage.

The spring roll

Along with pho, spring roll, also called summer roll, occupies a worthy place in the top 50 best dishes in the world, according to CNN.

The bun bo Hue

Another starred Vietnamese dish that convinced the famous chef Anthony Bourdian is the bun bo Hue. The iconic culinary delight from Vietnam’s central city is applauded on his show Parts Unknown as “the best soup in the world.” This colorful and spicy soup from Hue is known as one of the best dishes in Asia.

Bun cha or rice vermicelli with grilled pork

This mouth-watering dish was listed in the top 10 best street foods published in 2014 by National Geographic magazine. The year before, bun cha made it into CNN’s ranking of 25 most appetizing summer dishes in the world.

Already featured in a 2012 CNN broadcast as one of the best Asian dishes, the traditional Vietnamese soup made from rice crabs is honored along with two other Vietnamese dishes, snail and banh mi Hoi An, by Traveller magazine in its selection of 21 best dishes in the world in 2018.

The hu tieu or typical saigonese soup

That it is really interesting, succulent and it is the first time I taste this flavor, according to the great American culinary expert Gordon Ramsey to comment on the traditional Saigon soup. This impression led him to adopt this Vietnamese dish for one of the subjects of the Master Chef 2013 competition.

Cao lau, a typical noodle from Hoi An

“You can see the history of Hoi An spread out just with this bowl of noodles” is the comment of the British daily The Guardian on the gastronomic specialty of Hoi An. The symbol of the Quang Nam region which marries Chinese, Japanese and traditional flavors is to be tasted without moderation on a trip to Hoi An

The banh khot or rice puffs with shrimps

Sweet and crispy, this popular recipe from the Central and Southern regions is among the 35 most appetizing dishes in the world, according to experts and visitors at the 2013 Singapore Street Food Festival.

Covered banana in toasted sticky rice

This delicious Vietnamese snack that is not difficult to prepare is, along with shrimp rice puffs, among the most popular street food dishes at the 2013 Singapore Street Food Festival.

The nem (or cha gio in the south)

This dish that appeals to all palates gives you an unmissable taste experience in Vietnam. It is with the nem or egg roll that Vietnam was honored in 2015 by CNN as the most favorite country for gastronomy.

The square egg roll stuffed with crab

Originating in the port city of Haiphong, the square-shaped, crab-stuffed version of egg roll eaten on Hanoi’s Dao Duy Tu Street is so tasty that it was voted by CNN as Asia’s best street food.

Cha ca La Vong, vermicelli with grilled fish fillets

This typical Hanoi specialty is constantly featured in travel guides. The Cha ca La Vong restaurant in Hanoi is featured in the book “1000 Places to See Before You Die” by Patricia Schultz.

This century-old family canteen also has a place in the top 10 places to see before you die published by MSNBC.

The banh xeo or Vietnamese pancake

The traditional golden pancake stuffed with pork, shrimp and bean sprouts that you dip in a sweet and sour sauce to taste is mouth-watering. It was included in CNN’s top 40 Vietnamese dishes in 2013. This recipe was already one of the stars at a folklore fair held in 2007 in the United States.

Ca phe trung or egg coffee

In Buzzfeed’s top 17 coffees to try while traveling the world, this unusual beverage from Hanoi is at the top of the podium. Smooth and tasty, the Vietnamese-style cappuccino is the promise of an unforgettable break between two strolls in the old quarter of Hanoi.